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Plants and Leaves

Getting Started

We are excited to be establishing a new program as part of the building of a new Innovation Hub in Allston. We are excited to be part of the positive growth of the area and become part of a cornerstone of this new community. We will not expect to start with 8 new classrooms and 40 new staff on the first day, but have a plan to match enrollment and staffing as we build deliberately towards sustainable excellence. 

As we build, we will hold the following values at the core of our work and growth:

  • Intentionally developing individual and collective relationships among children, staff, and families within the classrooms, the center, and the university.

  • Holding the Reggio Emilia approach as an inspiration for curriculum development.

  • Being inclusive of all individuals and families.

  • Respectful interactions among all members of the community, including professional interactions and regular invitation to varying perspectives and experiences.

  • Nurturing, safe and welcoming classrooms with support and affection for children, families and staff.


WACC Updates

Updates will be posted here as we hire and build out this new program.

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