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Building Relationships

With Families

Family Relationships

As we build, we will hold the following values at the core of our work and growth:

  • Intentionally developing individual and collective relationships among children, staff, and families within the classrooms, the center, and the university.

  • Holding the Reggio Emilia approach as an inspiration for curriculum development.

  • Being inclusive of all individuals and families .

  • Supporting respectful interactions among all members of the community, including professional interactions and regular invitation to varying perspectives and experiences.

  • Nurturing, safe and welcoming classrooms with support and affection for children, families and staff.

What Families Are Saying

"We feel lucky that our son is in such good hands at WACC. We appreciate the care and respect the teachers show him, as well as the little things we learn during pick-up and drop-off. It's been wonderful to witness the relationships he has built with his classmates, teachers, and staff at WACC."


-Lalithra and Anjali, parents of 1.5 years old 

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